About me

The word "aesthetic" originated in Greek and was introduced in the 18th century by the German philosopher Baumgarten, who is often referred to as the "father of aesthetics". He proposed that to make the aesthetic experience scientific, it requires humans to have a capacity that is distinct from reason and intellect. The pleasurable experience we get from art and nature belongs to cognition, but it is different from reason and logic.

Ästhetik aims to redefine the concept of art collection, following Baumgarten's original ideas to serve the new generation of collectors, art lovers, galleries, and artists. Our goal is to redefine the connection between art and life, and make the art collection experience a part of our cognition and lifestyle.

Emily Feng, the founder of Ästhetik, curated her first personal art exhibition "SMOG" at the age of 20. She has also planned and executed DNA original fashion shows, the Hangzhou Henglu Art Museum Li Fu'an Landscape Painting Exhibition, and her personal painting "Wild Birds Flying Over" was collected by important insitistutions. Emily studied Yale University Finance Award Marketing courses and earned international WSET wine sommelier certification.

Emily has successfully completed auction exhibitions in well-known Chinese and American companies, such as Sotheby's New York Auction House, National Museum of China, Fashion COSMOPOLITAN, FAU Art Studio, and China Guardian Auction Co., Ltd. She is an outstanding art consultant and a young artist who founded Ästhetik to share the artistic way of life by gathering young generation collectors.

About us

Art is more than curation, it is a way of life

Art collection has evolved beyond being a mere personal investment method or financial product among the young generation of rising collectors; it has become a way of defining life. While many companies sell art, none of them offer follow-up collection services for customers.

Ästhetik seeks to address the main questions that arise when collecting artwork, such as its purpose, how it can fit into one's life, who shares similar artistic interests, and whether artists can collaborate with the real estate market to provide art appreciation services for the public. Our multi-faceted art and life integration services will transform artwork from being kept in basements to becoming a part of our lifestyle. We will provide our services through online websites and apps, as well as offline fusion spaces.

As an offline entity, Ästhetik will be committed to becoming an "art buyer's shop," offering a venue for member activities while sourcing artworks from art galleries around the world to develop the Asian buyer market for overseas galleries and accumulate customer groups.

Nowadays, fusion spaces have become a popular way for the young generation to connect with others who share their interests or lifestyles, using art as a medium. These spaces operate in four main directions: traditional art advisory services, post-sale art and life services, gallery and artist services, and art commercial services.

Ästhetik seeks to revolutionize the way collectors interact with artworks by providing not only pre-sales services, like existing companies in the market, but also continuous post-sale services that are integrated with customers' lifestyles. Our goal is to offer a seamless experience that enables customers to fully integrate their artworks into their daily lives.